Corona Virus Update

    Due to the ever-growing national concerns and the guidelines established by the government, the Deacons of PYBC have decided to move our gatherings online until further notice. The service will be available on our Facebook page, YouTube, and at While our building will be closed, we invite you to join us online for our 10:30 a.m. service. This is not a decision we have made lightly or out of fear, but in faith for two primary reasons:

Honoring the authority of our governing officials who have limited group gathering sizes.
Desiring to care well for those in our community and church family.

    While COVID-19 is significantly impacting our state, nation, and world, we are confident that God is still in control. There has never been a moment when God was not sovereignly ruling and graciously loving—even this is meant for good. We do want to encourage you all to take this unique opportunity to serve our community well —be overly generous, abundantly kind, and extra compassionate! You can help us get the word out to our people by passing this note along, reaching out to friends individually, and reposting on social media. Please continue to watch for updates through all our communication channels.

UPDATE  May 31st

Although President Trump's declaration on May 22nd that churches are now considered "Essential" and may reopen, Governor Coumo's NY Forward Phased Reopening as of May 30th, still prohibits congregational meetings. ("congregations of groups for religious service or ceremony in excess of ten in-person participants remain prohibited" Executive order 202.10). Our undertanding is that legally the state directives still take precident as the recent Supreme Court ruling against two Californina churches demonstrates. Romans 13:1-7 is the operative Biblical principle for a believer"s relationship to the government and is our basis for the decisions our board will make regarding resuming congregational meetings.  Therefore...

  • Sunday June 7th will be an "Online Only" service. We are continuing to closely monitor any word from the State offices as to when we can legally meet.
I know that there are other churches in our area that have already resumed congregational meetings. Our board takes its Biblical and fiduciary responsibilities very seriously and feel bound by conscience to wait at this time.

Pastor Leo Galletta