Corona Virus Update



    While COVID-19 is significantly impacting our state, nation, and world, we are confident that God is still in control. There has never been a moment when God was not sovereignly ruling and graciously loving—even this is meant for good. We do want to encourage you all to take this unique opportunity to serve our community well —be overly generous, abundantly kind, and extra compassionate! You can help us get the word out to our people by passing this note along, reaching out to friends individually, and reposting on social media. Please continue to watch for updates through all our communication channels.


UPDATE  September 2020

    In our region under Phase 4 churches are now allowed to reopen at 33% of our building occupancy capacity and we have started meeting again but it will be a gradual transition back to "normal".
    For our services we are inviting parents with children to attend if the parents are able to help the children maintain social distancing before and after the service. Child care and children's church services are available for parents who feel comfortable with the safety protocols we have in place. If not, children must sit with the parents in the worship service. Social distancing will be mandatory or mask must be worn (We will have some available at the church). All fellowshipping before and after services must be done outside of the building. We are also asking attendees to be sensitive to those who are not comfortable with physical contact (handshakes/hugs). Hand sanitizer dispensers are located at various locations in the building.
    For those not attending, the services will continue to be Livestreamed via the church website, Facebook, and YouTube page.

    We appreciate your patience and the way you have continued to support the ministry through prayer, notes of encouragement, and financially. I so look forward to the day when we can all gather again comfortably and safely.

Pastor Leo Galletta